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· 6 min read

The English translation was done by chatgpt.

Recently, with the release of relevant APIs by OpenAI, more and more AI applications have emerged on the market. The chatpdf project caught my attention. How does it overcome the limitation of the maximum token of the API to read such long texts?

· 4 min read

我整理了一些当前比较流行且 UI 还不错的开源 ChatGPT 项目,方便大家快速搭建属于自己的 ChatGPT,大部分都支持 Vercel 部署,可以直接使用 Vercel 的免费服务。有一部分项目是包括后端代码的所以无法在 Vercel 上部署,需要自己部署到服务器上。